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Tony, great article. Practical and to-the-point.

Again, this might sound a "First World Problem", so to speak, but it really troubles me:

I have recently got a hooker to break a long "quality" dry spell. By this, I mean that I got a hooker to buy not so much the sex itself but sex with a woman who is my 9 or 10 appearance-wise, since for the last 50 days I haven't been able to get women of my ideal type.

I had sex with women of my prefered level of beauty several times before, but occassionally I get into such "breaks" from this.

I refused to have sex with women who were not my favourite, thinking that this would be a "downgrade" of my absolute abundance mentality.

Do you have any advice about how to consistently have sex with the women you find truly attractive?
Sometimes I go out for two months straight, 3 times a week, and I see very few such women out there.
Mind you, I live in a city of 1.000.000 people.