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Hey Chase,

A question for you. Repeated encounter as in a situation where you will see them again (but not every day, so not employees or a social circle). Maybe at work you see customers who repeatedly come, but not always, or at a temporary project that you meet a group of people until the project ends.

In a situation where the encounter is repeated but not permanent (forming a quasi-social circle situation), and many girls show signs of interest and we already are chatting with a girl.

How do we continue to connect with our current prospect, but also keeping other options open? Or even better, be able to number swap with all girls who like us, and meet them individually.

I worry that
a) Other girls who see us talking with Girl A will think "Oh, he's unavailable" and "stop" their emotions or go into auto reject
b) Girl A see us flirting with other girls will think "Oh he is just being sociable" and close off from us.
c) We can't break circle when we are talking with Girl A while other girls are sending signals...

Uh oh, time is ticking for other girls sending signals...

Like how I was talking with Girl A, and another girl plants right next to me and just sits there waiting.
I can't switch and break circle with A to engage with Girl B in this situation and then go back to Girl A.
I ended up not getting a chance to exchange names with Girl B... I feel bad that she misses out on the fun.

The dilemma is if we play our cards wrong, we can lose all girls and get no one.

How do we handle similar situations? How do you usually do it?