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Hi Chase,

Congratulations on making progress with the forum and website! It has been over a decade and we are still top of the ball. It looks great!

What i am worried about is if the content is preserved? All our old comments and forum activity are precious and valuable data (well mine are little silly but no regrets for making mistakes :D). I'll be crying if any of that info got lost, which happens a lot with online.

Re: comforting touch

I'm not sure if this is a thing and I don't recall you mentioning it at all. Maybe it's not what a lover does?

There were moments when a girls shares about her personal life and sometimes she mentions what she's experiencing now. Someone told me she had a break down. I know we don't want to relate to this and just acknowledge it, but my instinct told me I should give her a comforting touch.

Only comforting touch I can think of is patting her on the shoulder. 

If we can touch in this moment to speed up the seduction process, where and how should we touch at these moments? I can only think of patting her shoulder unfortunately.