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This is great.
You just gave a list of all the things I do to a woman by natural inclination.
However, recently I have observed some things that troubled me. I know these will sound as "First World Problems" to most guys, but I would like your opinion.

As I move closer to advanced level with women, I realise that amazing sex is not always a magic cure nor is it some kind of magic pill that makes a woman stick with you, as I believed before.

Indicatively, the following cases happened to me after amazing sex (according to women):

1. Women seeing in their dreams that I am going to cheat on them
2. Women telling me that I just fuck this way all women in general and that I saw nothing special in them
3. Women otherwise leaving me (not sticking around) in spite of characterising me as "the best lover of their lives"

I have recently given a 19-year old hot girl (I am 37) the first orgasm of her life, I was also fucking her for an entire weekend, left my marks on her ass, slapped her in the face while having sex with her, choking her and gave her my load to swallow for the first time. She enjoyed everything immensely... And yet...she didn't stick around. I found out that these days she is with another guy in boyfriend-girlfriend situation.

Is it possible that amazing sex either autorejects women or  it functions as "too much validation" for a woman? Like giving her a feeling of "well, I got what I wanted, time to move on"?
Could "less amazing sex" be more preferable for a man's long-term results and his retention rate?

Mind you, I am not the bartender type of guy. I have excellent fundamentals, I am highly educated with high value beyond my sex skills. It is a bit frustrating to see that your retention rate is not a linear function of your sex skills.

Am I missing something here?
Could you possibly write an article about this if it resonates with your experience?