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Hey Chase,

Your balance article made me think of conspicuous consumption. When we balance well, we succeed and naturally will do well.

Well, our fundamentals, aka style, clothes, fancy hairstyle and care., they all spell "money"

Now I know you wrote an article on gold diggers and another one on "How an enamored girl looks like".

But attraction can be for many reasons. Money is an obvious example and they tell this from our fundamentals.

Two questions:

1. Fundamentals and giving women the impression you have money. This might be an issue since we are "lover" not provider. How do we address this? Fancy jacket, stylish haircut, nice boots, watch, tailored BP shirt etc.

2. So women can see you, and feel attracted for numerous reasons. Money is only one thing. We can't read their minds and signs of "enamored" can exist even if it's not for the reasons you think they are ("she wants your dick")

So instead of "exclusion" tests (test to see if she's NOT gold digger or X or Y), is there a confirmation test to see if she has fallen for you physically / emotionally?


Reactions alone might not tell this (ex. she feels like she's losing (your sex / your money / friend / opportunity / etc. etc.) and she chases, complies to everything you ask. The chasing part is emotional for all scenarios ("I'm losing something" I must get it), heck, she could be acting (ex. fake orgasm), but we can't tell if it's lusting after your dick or something else.... unless there's a test to see 

And a test for both pre-intimacy (you meet her and she catches you in a 3000$ Boss coat) and post-intimacy?


Thoughts on this?