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When you talked of admirals and the navy, it almost sounded as though you used to work for the DOD. That's the sort of setting in the western movies and series where the scenarios you described tend to occur.

Anyway a few queries;
(1) How do you go about building your knowledge base because it seems to me like sometimes you tend to pay attention to even the most trivial things on the internet like the links to how a black guy almost infected 22 women in Europe, the Nazi investigator, the professor who was scammed, New Zealand's deception a bunch of other reddit links to various issues.

I know you're a busy guy. But how are you able to have such a huge knowledge base at such a young age? Do you approach it this way?
(a) Read 3 books per week
(b) Read 20 articles from the internet daily
(c) Watch 4 documentaries weekly

I'm really curious about your knowledge gathering process....

(2)I've been researching on gratitude and all the experiments out there indicate that it is great for regulating one's emotions as well as keeping a person Healthy. Only problem is I can't seem to keep at it consistently. Do you have any process for making gratitude second nature?