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Great Great article Chase, thanks!!

I'm surprised you didn't mention how much time you put into girlschase during your times with going out a lot :)

Quick questions:

1. "various dicey situations you get into when you're meeting women via cold approach" are you talking about cold approach in general? like day game? or did you just mean night game? what were the situations and how do you avoid them?

2. What about day game? how much did you and should we focus on that? Is it even possible to get as good with just day game compared to night?

3. Do you think doing more day game instead of night wild bring more balance? like say you do day game after work instead of going to the club? I'm thinking that it wouldn't work because of the volume, but I'd like to know your thoughts.

I also remember you saying that you should have done day game more than night starting out, so what would have been your schedule if you did day game instead?

4. How did seduction consume you so much that it got in the way of many things for you? how did it end up getting in the way of everything and how did it become such an obsession for you?
even to the point that you weren't doing that we'll at work and had to deal with so many things because of it?

5. I didn't find out recently how much work there was to put in with this. I always thought this was something you just do when you can and you get good enough at some point where you just get more lays. like something recreational, well that was a big misconception lol.

so I was wondering how you can breakdown how learning seduction and sleeping with many women to be a good obsession to have at all.

I remember a few things I've read from you here like how getting notches is good, but doesn't really help you in other things with life, and also how men pretty much have no choice but to get good in seduction now even if we just want one woman because it's not like how it was back in the days.

I agree with both points, but I guess what I'm asking for is a good reason for me to put my time into this and not feel bad or like I'm living a second childhood because I want a lot of lays.

I really do want a lot of lays, I love women and they are in my mind obsessively, it's just recently that I understand that you must go out obsessively as well.

also there are self improvement men who want men to forget about women all together and just focus on themselves. they say it in a mgtow way, and to avoid women because of the drama stuff they do. but living like that you'll never get good with girls. the way it sounds is like they are telling men to build their nest and let women come, which from reading this site isn't the best way to get better with women.

so what I'm asking is how can having an obsession with getting better with women and sleeping with a lot of them be a healthy obsession instead of it seeming like you're wasting time doing it instead of building your nest?

I can't stop thinking about it, now I want to get better and better, but I don't want to get to the point and then I'm like "is that it?"

hope I'm making sense, but the gist is how can an obsession with going out a lot and sleeping with a lot of women be justified in a good productive way.

Thanks for everything Chase!!