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Yeah, very good points Alek.

I would differentiate two scenarios when wealth can be detrimental: when it looks attainable, and when it's just there to be enjoyed for the night.
That's where I think we are diverging.

In my experience the money helps short term the most when it looks "unattainable", and in that case it helps quick seductions.

Far from wealthy, I experienced it while traveling and with women who had just moved to the city from rural countrisides.
Nice custom, slim fit pants, good shoes... And you immediately stand out.
And when you take her back, you know those modern buildings with swimming pool? For you it's an affordable Airbnb, but they look fancy to a country girl who has never seen it before.

Since you positioned yourself as lover and you are also traveling, she knows she can't access it, but it boosts your SMV also in the short term because the "luxury" experience excites her.

Do her good, go to the rooftoop with skyline view, speak and bond there, sneak one more in the bathroom... Instant puppy eyes within a few hours.
So it also depends in large part on the vibe that he gives off. If opening that chauffered car the frame is "I'll take you on an adventure for the night", then it only increases excitement. If she thinks she can stick with him, then it slows things down.

Indeed "attainable" wealth, as you correctly describe, can be an impediment.
This is why when I'm in Europe I rarely say that my small abode is mine and instead say that a "friend let me stay there", which is also a boost in a way itself as it suggests you have great connections and sounds "mysterious", too (same in your case).

BTW, what are you doing in Paris man, you should totally move to Berlin :).