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I sure agree with you, that wealth can make you addicted to play the money game, as you call it and I am sure it will make you focus a lot on your purpose as well. For me it's just an ego thing. I don't like thinking that I can pull of hot women, just because of my money and wealth, it makes me very cautious. Maybe millionaires don't think much about it, they just live theor lives. But I can't name you one famous couple or say one famous and rich male athlete, actor, business man and what have you, that has not gone through at least one divorce or mutiple break ups in the process. Especially athletes seem to be doomed to lose all their money because they keep getting trapped with gold diggers or father countless children with different women and this is most likely the result of their wealth. I believe money has become a temporary thing for many rich men, you can enjoy it but you have to make even more money to retain your level of wealth, otherwise you will lose it. Even if you tried to live a modest life, most athletes seem to fail doing it, they are not content living off of their interests and other incomes and that's why they lose it, nit mentioning all the people that use them too.