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Hey. Thanks you for the  Kudos. Much appreciated to hear that you are enjoying my posts. I will keep them coming!

This sounds like a more typical non-wealthy mindset embracing a point of view that maes other non-wealthy individuals, the majority, feel a bit better.

Not gonna lie, I always grew up as upper middle class. I did go to school with the rich-crowd (my familly could be considered "cultural elite") and most of them were great people. So I have no hatred for the rich, aside from those tacky new rich, I rarely get along with those. But there are probably exceptions.

But in all honesty, it was the first time in my life that I got a true taste of "feeling like a rich kid". My flat is in one of the best central areas in Paris. My flat is huge, high roof, amazing fourniture. Truly a Jewel. People get a shock when entering this flat. And it is those things that made me reflect. Girls turned all weird - in both good and bad ways.

To begin with, it follows a stereotypical path of pitching money VS "sexiness" where the wealthy man becomes a strawman of "rich but not sexy".
As if wealth and sexiness were mutually exclusive as if a wealthy man couldn't be the sexiest guy in the club. He might be dull AF, of course, but he has pretty much the same chances of being sexy as a poor guy. As a matter of fact, probably slightly higher as confidence and wealth are linked-.


Agreed and I am sorry it came off this way. Of course the wealthy guy can be sexy AF. It is not like wealth makes someone unsexy (although it does come with some backlashes as covered in this post). Wealth can give you some attractiveness points, but those points are worth little to me when you consider the negative outputs that comes with it.


I don't agree that women don't get anything short term from wealth.
For one, they get to experience the luxury lifestile. That's very attractive for some women, especially the ones who are not used to it.


You are right. I think I was not clear when I said "short-term". In my book that's one night, a one night stand. I am talking about the REAL short-term. But if we follow your definition (which is by no means wrong), we can easily assume but girl would want this to last long-term. This can, at least to me be something undesired. Clingy girls actually becomes a problem eventually... (honestly, I am a bit paranoid about clingy girls)


Just thing about it: wWhat's more exciting, driving home in a cab or in a Ferrari? Hell, even as a guy I'd almost go with someone if he let me drive one.
Going to the extremes, what's more likely to be memorable, waiting for the bus or driving in a chauffered car?

Honestly, this is primarily a logistical benefit, which I did cover. I do not deny that this is a benefit. But I would prefer just use a cab, because a private chaufeur will increase the odds of generating the negative backlashes from wealth, as per covered in this post.


A wealthy man can probably also provide memorable short adventures better than most poor men can.
Get on the car and we'll fly a private jet to some exotic destination, no queues. Far more exciting than having to share a 3-seater with some oversized fella nearby.

True, but this is only useful for more longterm stuff. In regards to just pulling, this is not very useful. I did mention that wealth is beneficial in more relationship oriented situation (fuck buddies counts as that). I think my point was not made clear enough - wealth is not that useful and perhaps detrimental when it comes to just pulling. For more long-term stuff, it may be useful. But I do not do such a thing as longterm stuff really (or very rarely). I avoid it like the plague.

Logistics are part of the benefits, but don't stop there. 
Wealth can be a major force multiplier, and there is nothing wring with that. 
it's just another tool that one can put to good use.

I will not disagree with this, although I still see it as diminishing return for when it comes to pick up and seduction. I would love more wealth, but more to enjoy eating great food, travelling more, and buy more expensive teas. I would also buy some even more cool and funky clothes. :)

Thank you for your comment.

I do not really disagree with you, I just think my point was not made clear enough.