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That's a good question! Maybe I'll do an article on the topic.

I talk about getting through the opener with bitchy/closed off girls in this article. Give that one a read if you haven't yet.

However, in general, it is helpful to keep in mind that you may need to lead the conversation almost alone, and should be able to have/drive a conversation wholly by yourself, for at least the first 4-5 minutes. Sometimes that is required to warm a girl up who is not in a social head space, or to break through some wall she has up.

Girls who are acting bitchy can be genuinely acting bitchy... or they may just not be primed for socializing, same as the other reserved girls (and you only think they're bitchy because of how they're dressed, their makeup, etc.). In fact more often than not in my case it is simply the latter -- girls who look bitchy usually just LOOK bitchy, rather than is it the case they actually are bitchy.

I respect women and do not want to be pushy and force them to talk if they do not want to.

You should be doing compliance testing from the get-go. Just ask her for small stuff, get her investing, and see if she complies. You can also keep an eye on her reactions and see if you get uncomfortable smiles vs. comfortable ones, etc. But her response to compliance is the most important metric. If she acts like she's uncomfortable, but she does everything you ask, and follows around, and starts to open up, she's a far better prospect than a girl who acts like she's comfortable, but won't give you anything (remember, many people -- including women -- are just socially awkward. Just because she's awkward doesn't mean she wants to spend her whole life alone, not being approached by men or having dates!).

If I remember correctly about three year ago you mentioned in one of your posts that you will include battles between open and closed frames in topic list.

Hmm... I searched my topics list for "open" and "closed" and did not see anything about this.

I think you mean when the guy is being open and the girl is being closed, is that right?

If so, that is an interesting topic, and should be in there. Maybe I forgot to add it in before... but I will add it in now!

I should do one of these as an article fairly soon.