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What I know about ghosting is that when a girl does it to you, you failed to come in first place. Second place is first loser, and they'll un-ghost themselves to you if they're looking into having you in some beta role.

Circa 2003-2004, if a girl pulled back, guys chased and pleaded. Now, girl pulls back, guy stops talking to her completely and deletes her. The former is a beta chaser. The latter is a useless guy who refuses to be a beta. But neither is an alpha that gets the girl. Having no apples or 1 bad apple, which one is better is anybody's guess. This is exactly why I have a one strike policy for all new women I meet, real life and online. Flakes and ghosts are deleted and blocked in lieu of them being attention whores. BTW I also hear of some "Don't delete women's numbers" because they come back. IME, they don't unless it's to get a new fan or beta orbiter. First impressions are lasting impressions. Unless she's bringing a Pepperoni Pizza and sucking my dick while I eat, I no longer know you.

Come across a girl that ghosted you, just ignore her unless she's adding some value in your life (I guarantee you her ass isn't). It's better than chasing like a simp. Why not just tell her you're only interested in women who are about action or you just had sex with your ex and started working things back out, or you met a new woman who showed interest and wasn't playing games?

Also, this "Ignore to score" tactic has been overblown and overused. If you got ghosted, the girl got a better offer. Hell what if Kawhi Leonard offered to fly her to Paris first class? What if that 6'8" bodybuilder in the gym asked her on a date? And you just ignore her, think she'll come back? Good luck with that crap! And the fact that it only takes ONE action, inaction, possessed trait, or unpossessed trait to cost you a woman doesn't help. i.e. Owning an android phone, cheering for the New England Patriots, too old, not funny enough, preferring Mercedes over BMW, etc. Often, when you get ghosted, you as the man fucked something up.

I also want to know, what's your take on the "Flake out on her first" tactic? By extension, the flake article needs to be updated for 2020.