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Hey Chase, 

Thanks for this article and the bonus. Haven't chatted with you for awhile. I hope all is well!

One question (with a bonus ;))

1. If the person is like an online buddy who you never see in person and they started ghosting you and you don't know why (i.e. there was no explicit fight or argument prior). What can we do in this case? Should we address the issue and say the ghosting doesn't work, best to spit it out and so we can move past it?

I already know the right answer if it's a girl (just move on, waste of time). I'm asking about guys. Since it's an online buddy (guy), having them unfriended is same as having them not respond at all. So no big deal but idk maybe it's an important lesson to pick up, a faux pas that I personally am not aware of until I confront them.

2. BONUS: Auto rejection with the girl who left after 15 min in your story

I love your stories. In this situation, you started with "pretend the ghosting didn't happen" and go in playful, flirting, and chill. Then you went to work on her friend, and the ghosting girl got jealous and auto reject. 

Back then, you were a novice and waited a few min before trying to put out the fire. But looking back now, how would you have saved her out of auto rejection? 

One dilemma: Drop or not drop the "pretend ghosting didn't happen"

Because using the auto rejection article, you have to address the issue, then follow up with an olive branch. But you can't address the issue if you're pretending it didn't happen. At the point of her outburst, I think we need to drop it, but what do you think?

Had a funny idea: is to pull her in and land a kiss like the movies. Haven't tried it yet though, but by theory it should work especially since she blurted her interest in front of an audience. It's a gut feeling that it's good.

I don't know. How would you have handled it now?