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This is truly unique. I came once again to your site looking a specific answer only to see that you already have a relevant article on it. Amazing.

Question: Do these things you write also apply when you come across an ex lover?

Short Background: Just yesterday I was walking down the street, when suddenly I came across a lover with whom I had a 3-week fling this summer. She is 19 and I am 37. I was the second man in her life and the first man to give her orgasms. According to her, I was the best lover she has ever had. She was going back to her country for the summer break and one day before leaving she broke up with me via text (supposedly because I did something wrong). I mistakenly resisted her desision with back-and-forth texting before accepting her decision. During the time she was away, she initiated flirty talk twice with me over text and I did the same with her twice (so 50-50 communication initiative). After that I went no-contact with her. Zero. Then, one day, out of the blue she blocked me from Instagram. I discovered she got a boyfriend whose face she plastered all over her account.

My reaction yesterday: She was in a hurry with a girl friend of hers. I was walking slowly and relaxed with a cup of coffee. Excellent fundamentals. She gave me a quick non-emotional look and I simply reciprocated before we both walked on our way. It was like a look between strangers. Like we never met or had sex. I was unfazed. I completely mirrored her look and smoothly continued on my path. No way I would force any form of communication under these circumstances. Internally, her non-emotional, no-greeting attitude stung me. I thought: "Is this the way you treat the first man who made you cum?"

Do you think my reaction was according to your instructions?
Do you think after this encounter (given that my no-contact behaviour still continues) her attraction level changed?