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Hey chase so a lot of times when dealing with women I act like nothing bothers me and I don't overreact and if women don't really pay me much attention,ignore me or I fuck up with her then I tell myself I don't give a shit or try to find some fault in her physical features or character to appease my ego. A lot of times me trying to act unbothered or unflappable not only regarding women,but also dealing with family or friends or people in general ends up getting me characterized as indifferent, non chalant or blaze and I know this is not a good thing. At least to me it sounds like a unattractive character trait. Question is how do I change that? How do I calibrate from being the weird indifferent guy who comes off like he doesn't seem to care about anything or react to anything to the respectable guy who is in control of his emotions in an attractive manner ,can get what he wants,but doesn't feel defeated or like a loser when things don't go his way? Finally as a beginner is it better and more efficient to just move on from hard cases like girls who flakes,ghosts, haven't spoken to in a while,short texts or is lukewarm period just so you don't base your self esteem off trying to get with these girls who hardly want you and wait till you get more advanced to get with more difficult low interest girls? It just feels unproductive and demoralizing to try and chase after girls who seem like they don't give a shit about you.