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Why even care if somone ghosted you? If your fundamentals are tight, their loss.  Personally if a chick ghosts me, I'll probably autoreject.  I wouldn't per se treat her like she's garbage, but I wouldn't be interested anymore either.  unless she was smoking hot.  There are plenty of fish in the sea so I wouldn't even take it personal.  Move on.


Here's a bigger question; of those girls whove ghosted you and you ended up with them did those relationships/situationships work out (on a scale from 1-10), compared to women who were enamored with you from the time they laid eyes on you? My intuition would suggest that if a girl ghosts, the relationship would be of a subpar quality compared to one who gave chase soon after you met.  The ghoster will be more inclined to walk away (and thus trying to put you in the one down position) vs the more enamored woman.  I rather spend my energy expenditure on someone enamored by me, vs a ghoster.  Just my own 2 cents.