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Dear Chase,


What about girls that ghost you at the beginning of interaction? I want to ask you about the best ways to interact with reserved girls that are not used to interact with strangers (unknown man) much. Reason is that I do cold approach on place where most men do not approach in daygame. Men do not approach much so girls are not used to be approached during day (and mostly even at night) and are reserved that creates one magic circle of male and female non-interactions. From my experience there were 2 types of reserved girls I interacted with:

First types are girls that are just reserved and distrustful to unknown man. Most of these girls do not send signals that want to be approached so it is hard to distinguish interested from disinterested for conversation. Of course they can have some subconscious reactions to attraction like wide pupils or touching hair. Good thing is they do not act mean or bitchy (mostly). Thing is that even if I get approach invitation or look at them and see some of those  signs of attraction she will not talk to me very much. My approach is to use smile at first than some opener (direct or indirect) than to try to transit to small talk and finally to transit to personal conversation. But due to lack of their will to talk and my skill I rarely pass opener or small talk. My attempts to personalize conversation and form connection end with their short answers and the lack of interest for conversation. Also these reserved girls are still a little bit reserved when meet through social circle and do not give easy personal data and real connection is hard to happen. I tried to warm them by light bantering but results are mixed.

Second types are girls that are reserved because they think they are queens or goddesses due to their overestimated look (natural or made up). They act like they are center of universe and that their glance can resurrect dead. They also behave in conversation like above mentioned girls but sometimes more bitchy.

Chase, can you tell me what is the best way to chat up with reserved girls? What really annoys me is that later the same those women blame men for their poor love lives. Is there difference in approach strategies between these different types of reserved girls? I respect women and do not want to be pushy and force them to talk if they do not want to. Thing is that reading articles and also from my experience sometimes girls that do not give much at the beginning are more interested than flirty girls or much talkative. If I remember correctly about three year ago you mentioned in one of your posts that you will include battles between open and closed frames in topic list.

Sorry for bad English.

Kind regards,