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Hey Chase, I was just thinking about this topic since I had a discussion with a woman who said women NEVER play games with men and they are only ghosting men because they are 100% not interested. I don't know how true this is and I also don't think it's a good idea to re-attract a women who ghosted you. By doing this, you imply she did everything right and you are still like the dog chasing her. In your case it looks like the girls who ghosted you first just got jealous when you flirted with other girls infront of them, maybe I am wrong though.

I have been ghosted once and I am still mad about this for one reason. It's not the ghosting itself, it's because that girl's family is close to my family and when my mom died of cancer, that girl never made an effort to even shoot me a message. I had known her for a couple of months then and she acted hot and cold, jealous and flirty and what not. Then she acted weird once, totally ignoring me with her head down and not willing to talk, when I wanted to hug her for new year's day, so I mirrored her behaviour and didn't shoot her a text or see her for weeks until she messaged me on my birthday.  Later she sent my a short flirty text on Valentine's Day. I then texted her on her b-day too and we chatted a little and then we got in a little playful fight because I felt like she was playing her games again, so I asked her to meet me over text and she said we could meet up soon, but not that day. I kind of playfully forced her to make a decision and asked her whether she really was planing to see me and she left me on read. I never texted her again. However, the problem was that mom got sick and she later learned about it. My mom had known her too, she even invited her for dinner at a group meet up once etc. (I wasn't there that day though). So after a year of no contact ( she was still on my whatsapp and social media) my mom suddenly died. That girl never even said anything like I am sorry for your loss. So how I am supposed to act towards her if ever run into her again? She has a boyfriend now, so I am not interested in getting with her, I just feel unrespected for her behaviour regarding the death of my mom. I don't want to be nice towards her yet not look pissed off either, even though I am. If it was another girl, I wouldn't care because most women I meet never get to know my family but she did.