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Hey Chase,

I just got into a relationship and executed each of the above religiously xD Feels amazing. Last time we were out, my girlfriend pulled me in a deserted alley on her own (broad day light!) and took a condom out and asked to be fucked.
I'm loving anal but it takes some time to prepare her so I'm getting lazy hahaha.

I wanted to ask you about freelancing. I followed your advise on which skills to pursue and right now I'm learning to code in Python and I'll get into copywriting soon.
What do you think of the folks who say that freelancing is getting saturated? This is kind of at the back of my mind and kind of bothers me while I'm learning those skills.

I'm ending my 1st year of uni and the plan is to (hopefully) make enough money off freelancing by graduation so I can begin the "travel the world" dream.
I'm almost done learning Python syntax, add another few months of practice to really solidify the concepts and I guess by the end of this year I might make some money off freelancing.
I'll be tackling PHP next year.
I want to graduate with these 3 skills: Python, PHP and Copywriting.
I'm working my ass off of course but I'd still like your insight on how saturated freelancing is getting.

Oh, and I got your voice product . I love it. Yesterday, my girlfriend told me that the first time she met me, she literally got wet hearing me talk. Damn this feels good. Thanks so much.