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Could you explain this for me Chase?

So I just read your last email and you said this,

"If any given day you walk down the street, you pass 50 different attractive young women, and 3 of them check you out and signal some interest, that's your current baseline."

It got me thinking about me while walking around women.

So it doesn't happen a lot, but it happens at the most random times.

I'll have girls not show interest for a while, then they will show interest while I'm walking around.

I can't give definite numbers because I don't walk by 50 women often.

But for example while I was in college and walked around campus.

I didn't have any girl show any interest in me or signal anything to me to approach.

So another time I was at a college get together and had all the girls there checking me out, I was the only one no one knew though, but they all checked me out and acted like I was some celebrity asking, "who's that?" in a sexy voice and them asking me who I was.

So that was the same school and I looked the same.

So why aren't women showing me interest more consistently?

The only fundamentals I really need to work on are losing weight, building more muscle, default attractive facial expressions, and maybe tighter shirts once I lose fat and get muscle.

But other than that, I dress very nice, wear well fitting clothes, always have a fresh cut, I have a muscular build, I'm tall, move slow, etc.

So what else can I do to get more interest and approach invitations while walking around campus and everywhere else?

What is a good sexy default facial expression to have to get opened more?

What more can I really do? because if I just fix those few things I'd be near perfect, so I think I need to solve this before I even get there to get more experience.

Let me know your thoughts!