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So basically make your first impression the best and try out a lot of things eh?

what about freaky things that you don't know if girls will like?

I had other questions as well.

1. You have any new tips for being sexy for 2019-2020? An update of sorts?

Was just curious because I know the last article was from a while ago and I feel that I could use more tips on that.

2. What can I do to be more attractive to all women? I can get women different women, but it's not as consistent as I need it to be to improve at all. There's majority of white girls where I'm at, and I can get some, but it seems more or less they have to really like Black men, same for latinas as well.

I'm trying to make it easier for me to get better results.

I also get no app matches with white or latina women at all, I don't know if that matters or not, or if I need to work on something more. Does that relate to real life? Do other race women look at me the same as app girls?

anyway, what would you say is a way to have universal attractiveness as a Black man to get girls from all over?

3. Still can't get over the mental fog of women not wanting men at 30 unless they have a lot of money or status. Idk why, but I just can't picture 20 something year old women liking older men even early 30s without them at least already being good with women or have status, money, and fame.

I've heard women say this too, and then you have dating apps that are against men that are 30 by charging them more money and putting them in a group of older women so younger women can't see them.

30 sounds like an uphill battle in seduction, then add the fact that I really don't know people single and getting better with women this age either.

They mostly got out the game by then.

Is there a way I can stop this limiting belief? why would a girl pick an older guy that doesn't have those things I stated over a younger guy?

I want to get past this belief but I haven't seen a reason why from any anecdotal data to go from. Hoping maybe you can help me with this.

4. what can I do to fix my edge? I'm in a weird spot with this.

so I have girls tell me I'm cold, I'm standoffish, and I've also had them tell me I'm a good guy (safe), I'm not hard (as in treating women like complete shit, like calling them out or treating them like a thug)

so it's all different answers that I get from chicks, but I know I do have an edge, but I'm missing something else.

I'm not a thug, but I'm definitely not a square either. I'm a chill laid back dude who goes with the flow.

but I think since I'm not doing thug shit, a lot of chicks might get a boring vibe from me.

Even though I grew up rough, won a lot of fights, worked out a lot, took up a fighting sport, went to the club a lot, drink, etc.

but they keep saying I'm a good guy.

I try to not smile a lot and only smile with my mouth, I try to be serious, I'm the strong silent type.

but they keep wanting me to either talk more and be a dancing monkey or they want me to act like a thug dude I'm guessing.

I feel like this is stopping girls from fuckin and making me lose lays because they think I'm some goody too shoes. Which I'm not mad don't try to be, I don't even take women on dates or buy them anything or even tell them I want to be with them or compliment them. I just fuck them and they want my validation, so how am I such a goody person?

how can I stop them from thinking this, saying this, and how do I act without being fake or over doing it?

5. what to do if people keep saying you're quiet? I'm just relaxing and not going out my way to be a dancing monkey, so it's like I'd that what they want me to do? talk and talk? never was my style.

I've actually tried talking a lot and asking questions, then they say I talk too much.

so what is the best thing to do when people keep saying you're quiet while still using the law of least effort?