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I would call this a nice article if I read it elsewhere. The thing is most of the advices here are already repeated and they are all over the internet. I read girlschase becuse here I can find stuff which are not avilable ellsewhere. Bar has been set so high that I hate to say, this article couldn't measure up. Here are some upgrade I would suggest: 

  • Include personal stories. Things you ypurself have done. 
  • Go deeper. This article just scratch the surfaces. For example , you told us to learn speechcraft, right? How we supposed to start learning speechcraft? Give us some soild examples of speechcraft. Point out the takeaways. 

You seemed to me more of a do-er than a talker. That's an amazing thing. But we don't get to see you in action. So I would suggest, make your writing more "lively" and throw some personality. 

This comment is not a put down by any means. I love your teachings. But I thought I better point it out.