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Hey Chase, I just read a comment about you having a friend with a  400+ lay count. What did he work on and how did he improve himself to  that point to get there?

Anything and everything. He was a total obsessive about appearance, pickup, conversation, relationships, social dynamics. Even the tiniest nuance he would drill into at minute detail.

And he was an absolute approach machine, basically always looking to get laid, who would bed some of the most stunningly beautiful women you had ever seen, and some of the most appallingly ugly ones.

Fun guy. Very driven. Always great to talk to.

I read one of them was charm. How do you get more of that?

Yeah... it's a very abstract concept.

I have a course coming out on it very soon. Almost ready for launch. The best way I can explain it is "buy the course", because it is such a pain to explain/teach charm/charisma I never want to have to do it again :D

We also have a few articles on the site you may want to peruse: