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1. When should a guy get married? or should he even get married? but  if he should get married, what do you think Is the best situation?

Oh, I don't know.

I've seen guys do great marrying young and I've seen them do great marrying older. I've also seen disasters from marrying young, and disasters from marrying older.

I have seen hardline guys in the men's space recommending both: "You need to wait until you are 40+, then marry a woman who is in her late teens or early 20s." Versus "You need to marry when you are young: get a girl who has not been ruined, marry her, and get her birthing and rearing your children, so you are not still running around trying to do all that when you are old."

I don't really have an opinion, personally.

I think different guys have different life paths they're on, with different upbringings, and different genetic predispositions, and they are going to follow those, regardless what people tell them.

2. what does a guy do while married? does he just not care about  other women anymore? does he just let his skillset fade? what is the  endgame for a married man? it sounds so boring to not not have  attractive girls all throughout your life.

Depends on the guy.

But yeah, most guys once married aren't too concerned with having a ton of women around all the time.

They're more focused on work, business connections, their kids, etc.

Women become a minor distraction / occasional dalliance, at best (or else they go full monogamous and don't even worry about women at all).

Some guys get bored with that. Most don't though.

Probably the best analogue is like how children look at stuff you read or watch as an adult: "Why are you reading that? It's boring!"

Yet to you it is very interesting.

3. this kind of adds in to the 2nd question. what are real old guys  supposed to do whether married or single? I'm talking 60+ like should  they just quit pick up all together if they're single? or should they  just really not care about seduction or being in shape (let themselves  go), be a sugar daddy, pick up 40 year old women? lol. and what should  they do if they're married and that old? like what's your opinion on  what real older men should do whether they're single or not when it  comes to all types of self improvement?

Why does this matter?

I do not know even a single 60-year-old who is asking these questions.

I 100% guarantee you by the time you are 60 years old you are not going to be asking them either.

Besides, that is 30 years from now for you. I have no idea what the dating landscape will look like for you then.

Although I have to imagine it won't be that different: if you're an exceptional older man, you can still take young women.

If not... well, you'll have to settle for whatever you can get...

so how do these guys do this without getting caught and divorced or whatever?

Some do.

Most not unless they want to (i.e., they are tired of being married and want an out).

Most women once they are in a stable long-term relationship with kids with a guy they love will turn a bit of a blind eye to a guy's occasional indiscretions, so long as they are not too blatant. If the guy is doing everything they need him to (bringing the bacon, being a good father, being a loving husband who treats them well, etc.) unless they are women with extreme personalities/personality disorders, you'd be surprised what many wives will let slide.

As far as how married guys meet women... typically opportunistically. They aren't going out hunting like bachelors anymore. Don't have the time.

Instead, they are meeting women like this.