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Yeah, JFK was a total horndog.

I wonder how much the medication was really responsible, and how much he just blamed it for loving women.

Because certainly, when you want to shag a whole bunch, you are typically going to need some kind of "not my fault" explanation for it, especially when trying to explain it to a wife (I didn't read the bio and don't know all the details, but I'm sure Jackie knew) and people responsible for assisting your liaisons.

Interesting stuff, but my gosh what a pain in the dick to be a celebrity or powerful man married in today's social media/cellphone age where its even harder to keep things private and under wraps!! I'm sure it makes some powerful men want say "to hell with it" and go start a cult! 

I do wonder though.

Becuase we have Donald Trump as president now, and we know about a handful of affairs he's had.

And he is basically an obvious and admitted total horndog. Are those really the only affairs he's had?

Has he totally kept it in his pants since he got into the White House? Probably not.

But we really have no idea about the vast majority of what he gets up to.

That said, I would imagine without the Secret Service ferrying women to you, U.S. President probably actually is a fairly isolating job. Only women around you are going to be whoever's working for you in the White House.

Thus, Bill Clinton's choice of mistress (chubby Monica). Probably the best of the slim pickings there.

Namely how do you run a mistress relationship? Is it basically a run the same way as a casual FWB or do you have a mini monogamous relationship with her. Thing is I know successful ppl w/ mistresses having long term (1 year +) relationships which kinda defies the casual relationship 3-4 month typical thing.

Yeah, typically they are monogamous-ish.

Obviously you are still with your main chick / wife.

Mistresses themselves come in all shapes and colors. Though few of them are actually totally monogamous to the man. Usually they come in one of three flavors:

  1. Married women conducting a mutual affair with you
  2. Women who are with you because they're in love and think this might lead to marriage
  3. Young women who are with you for money / assets because you're rich and they see a chance for gain

Typically the #1 and #3 women are going to be sleeping with someone else. #1s with their husbands, and maybe other affair partners. #3s with their boyfriends they are actually in love with and pursuing a potentially serious relationship with. You see a lot of #3s in Asia, where the married man buys his mistress an apartment, and comes there to visit her and have sex with her. Then on the days he is not visiting, the girl has her boyfriend over.

#1s and #2s can be young (20-something) or older (30s, 40s, etc.). #3s are almost always 20-somethings, because they're still young enough they're okay to trade time for money. Once they start nearing 30 this becomes less and less of a good deal for them, and they start to look hard for a guy to build a real life with.

The #2s are typically with a married man who is either genuinely in-love with them or who is leading them on. Typically he is promising them that before they know it, he is planning to leave his wife. He complains about her to them and makes her feel like his relationship is horrible and he wants to get away. So she keeps telling her self soon, soon he will leave her, and then he will be mine. Once her friends and family find out about it they start to work against him, and tell her he is leading you on, he is not going to leave his wife. But she will refuse to believe it for a while, until one day she wises up and realizes, "This guy always says he will leave her, but never does. I think he really never is going to leave her." And then she starts giving him ultimatums and acting like any typical 2-year drop relationship girl.

At which point, either the guy dumps his wife and makes it official with the mistress (less common), or he tells the mistress the truth is he cannot leave his wife (more common).

(then sometimes the spurned mistress goes all scorned woman on the guy and alerts his wife and tries to wreck his life... which actually sometimes works. I have seen instances where the mistress alerted the wife, the wife divorced the husband, and the husband reconciled with the mistress and married her. So it is actually an effective strategy, some of the time)

And yeah, you get a huge boost in attractiveness being a married man and/or a man who has successfully reproduced.

Women are scandalous. They want that guy another woman already has. And they want a guy who's proven his genes by passing them on. There's nothing more attractive to a woman than an attractive guy, except an equally attractive guy who's married and/or has kids.