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and thought it said "whats the endgame for Playboy"


"Put a bunch of trannies on the cover and cater to an audience no one is really certain actually exists" would be my guess.

In my early 30s now, focused more on money than women. Wonder how I'll feel in my 40s whatever path I take.

Typically when you reach that point, where women start becoming an afterthought, but of course you are still horny and still sometimes want some female companionship, eventually you start to cast around looking for a girl who's worth keeping around longer.

Your 30s and early 40s are the best overall, most attractive periods of your life as a man... which nicely coincides with the declining amount of energy most guys are willing to put on women at these ages.

You're not as active, but the girls all want you, and what you're looking for at this age tends to be more aligned with what many of them are too.

And at that point you just get to sit back and be the chooser: "Hmm, nope, not that one. This one? ... nah. Could be this one -- but, no. Ah! This one perhaps. Hmm. Gotta think about it. Let me try this other one..."

Bit of a role reversal from your earlier years.