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Another thing Chase,

I wanted your opinion on this.

1. When should a guy get married? or should he even get married? but if he should get married, what do you think Is the best situation?

should a guy marry young with no skillet with women because of society norms? I ask young because the older you get the harder it is to get married to younger women who have their stuff together with low baggage. the man would also have to get good skills with women to get younger women as well.

or should he wait until he gets to a certain skill level with women before getting married? and how many partners should he be at?

2. what does a guy do while married? does he just not care about other women anymore? does he just let his skillset fade? what is the endgame for a married man? it sounds so boring to not not have attractive girls all throughout your life.

3. this kind of adds in to the 2nd question. what are real old guys supposed to do whether married or single? I'm talking 60+ like should they just quit pick up all together if they're single? or should they just really not care about seduction or being in shape (let themselves go), be a sugar daddy, pick up 40 year old women? lol. and what should they do if they're married and that old? like what's your opinion on what real older men should do whether they're single or not when it comes to all types of self improvement?