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Every once in a blue moon they come around. Bravo! 

Really good points on the "current state of affairs of mistresses and one sided monogomy". I read JFK's biography and that guy had pussy delivered to him on a daily basis like rock star status. The meds he was on for his pretty severe addisons disease compounded his sex drive through the roof (not a bad side effect lol) and was quoted "if I go 3 days without a woman I get major anxiety and can't sleep". His staff and secret service were constantly supplying him women and keeping steady tabs on all his mistresses to prevent a scandal from what I gather.

Interesting stuff, but my gosh what a pain in the dick to be a celebrity or powerful man married in today's social media/cellphone age where its even harder to keep things private and under wraps!! I'm sure it makes some powerful men want say "to hell with it" and go start a cult! 

If you end up weighing in on the comment section here I'd be curious to get your toughts on "mistress game" (if your willing to give away those secrets that is [which Im sure you have ascertained from 2nd hand sources only ;) ... Namely how do you run a mistress relationship? Is it basically a run the same way as a casual FWB or do you have a mini monogamous relationship with her. Thing is I know successful ppl w/ mistresses having long term (1 year +) relationships which kinda defies the casual relationship 3-4 month typical thing.

So eh changing tack here... what would you "guess" ;), is the best way to run mistress game? Is it run the same way as a FWB/Casual relationship or "would you imagine" there are certain intricacies to keeping her on board and cool with being a side chick. I guess there's probably an inherent value in being sexually involved with a powerful man even if he'll never commit to more than just fucking her (she gets his access to his seed).

I know many famous men had mistresses that lasted years long in duration which defies the typical 3-5 month long casual relationship expiration, so is this a different beast? 

Anyway awesome article boss man.