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Really good article, the thing I believe, everything gets old, commitment and being single, both get boring after a while, but being committed is easier because you don't have to keep going out.

1. what do you think of the case if you go longer than the 2 year drop? a girl I was seeing still contacts me to this day and I've known her about 5 years and we fucked for 3. there was a drop during the second year, but that was because of me, I tried to distance myself from her while she still chased me and still does to this day. so I stopped talking to her after the 3rd year, but she still wanted to be with me even after I didn't talk to her for some time.

maybe the situation was different? we weren't really too public, never met her fam, and we only saw each other for a few days a week.

so why do you think that lasted so long? do you think if she's chasing commitment that it goes past the 2 year drop, instead of actually giving her the relationship and not stepping up the relationship with kids or marriage like a normal 2 year drop? does her wanting the basic commitment make it last longer?

2. what do you feel about guys who are repressed and have to learn game way later? what if they did what society said and settled down kind of young, but later on are really sad they didn't sleep with more women, not they are older and maybe still married or divorced, but they never had the success and now are very bitter because of it. do they just end up being single and learn how to get women? wouldn't it be that much harder because of age? what if he wants to make up for lost time?

3. you said that men who have slept around with a good amount of women never really settle down, so do these guys still cheat on their wives? do these guys really sleep around at 60+ years old?

4. to me in this day and age every girl is different, do you really think it's wise to really settle down? I'm not saying this like a young boy says he doesn't want to settle down, but I'm talking from the view of dealing with the drama that comes with it and if you decide to split? what if modern women have made you too bitter?