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I was intrigued to know that you did one sided monogamy relationships. I learned hector did them and I figured you probably did them too since you are a man of great influence and made yourself desireable to women. How many lays and relationship experience would a man need to have to realisticly be able to pull off a one sided relationship with a moderately attractive woman? Also were you financially stable when you had those kinds of relationships? Or can you still pull off the broke lover? Social dynamics discussed on this site is very forbidden to talk about in society,but how do you resist the urge to do this when everybody around you talks gibberish and to whom could you discuss this with who aren't initiated? Any man who aspires to improve themselves with women through seduction is completely alone and has no one to support him. It just sucks. Obviously you were able to pull it off,but it's still very easy to be discouraged. My friends are not people I could convert to believe in this type of stuff and it sucks because they are good guys.