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Grew up repressed up until about my early 20s, even had to go to a local school due to overbearing parenting. I have to say this is eye opening because I grew up in one of the most fake, morally self-righteous, two-faced, and goody two-shoe part of the US, the good ol deep south. 

Confused me too, it seems like the way American society works is:

High school -> Have sex and explore the other sex more

College -> Go wild and have tons of sex

Right out of college -> Okay settle down, you're nearing your end now

25 or so -> Have kids and a marriage

It made no sense to me either, you're finally rich when it comes to finances and have more freedom now if you did it right. They say men peak in their 30s or so, well why are Dan Bilzerians so rare? Why is hedonism and sleeping around with lots of women only acceptable in college and high school, why not in the "real world"? More men, especially those who are now finally hitting their prime and didn't have the golden spoon in their mouth like some rich frat guy did, should want to sow their wild oats but why is this idea so unheard of?

I then realized that the "social pressure" you talk about is society having to pander to the losers and the norm. The ugly chick who has no man or is very limited in her options or the average guy who doesn't have what it takes to make it in the game, society has to at some degree pander to him. Marriage was invented to keep the losers who would otherwise not even be reproducing calm so disaster does not strike (large scale Eliot Rodgers). 

What really gets me in the player path is the lack of camraderie with fellow men who also pursue that path that you do not get with age.  A guy who peaks in college can get it with his bros but a guy who peaks in his 30s is heading into it as a lone ranger, only at the envy of most men who made nothing of their lives and want him to fail. I have missed out on too much to consider monogamy and that chip on my shoulder will always be there. Good shit though Chase!