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Then maybe the problem is not fundamentals.

Maybe the problem is game.

Or vibe.

You are a 'hard case' guy, in that you do not know what your problem is, and are not able to present enough information about the problems you're seeing that someone can diagnose it over text.

Your best bet I think would be to get an in-person coach -- either a professional you pay, or a talented guy you know who is also cool and will actually look at what you're doing and give you real advice -- and get him to go out with you and observe you and help figure out and fix what's not working.

Re: movement, you're probably thinking of this article. That was one of the first things I wrote on this site. I think if I was writing it today I would focus on talking about context, as well as contrast. e.g., the still guy standing off to the side somewhere can be visually arresting, and look mysterious and powerful. When he moves, he will tend to be more deliberate and intentional (as mentioned in this article... point #9). However, when you're cold approaching random women, usually you need to come in a bit more animated, to captivate and capture their attention, at which point you want more movement. Then typically as things progress, and the vibe becomes more intimate, you are going to slow it down a bit and become increasingly still.

Open mouth smile:

4. What age range is most of your advice for?

18 to 59 or so.

Once you're over 60, nightlife is typically out, unless you're the owner.

And there aren't many guys spry enough over 60 to day game actively.

Though, it depends on genetics and lifestyle. I know some mid-60s men who could day game and probably do well at it if they chose too. However, most men at that point in life are past the point where they're motivated to do that.

5. Can you go into more detail about having your voice change in a seductive way like how pro seducers do it?

I cannot write any more descriptively than I have.

You can pick up a copy of my voice product. It's also a bonus free with One Date.

Otherwise, I'm sure there are YouTube videos on having a sexier voice, where you can see and hear this demonstrated.

As for your respect question, reread these articles:

Second one I wrote in response to you (at least, I think that was you -- Balla was your old handle, right?) asking this same question... 7 years and 1 day before you wrote this comment (you wrote this November 16th, 2019; I published that article November 15th, 2012).

Looks like you're still working on it.