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I wouldn't have, no.

But I have a lot of strict logical rules I follow about LTRs.

I have plenty of times bedded girls I was very hot for, and wanted to keep seeing, whom I forbid myself from seeing any further because I knew they were beautiful but trouble, or sexy but not beautiful enough, or nice and beautiful but not some other things I want. And I am keenly aware that the easiest time to stop seeing a girl is at the beginning, not later on down the line (once you're hooked!).

I think I'm at the extreme end of choosiness when it comes to LTRs. I've had many friends I've seen go from dating more beautiful girls to dating far less attractive ones, and even marrying those girls and having children with them.

So I'm probably not a good benchmark when it comes to extrapolating LTR selection behavior for the populace at large.

Also, do you know any super skinny guys who do well?

Of the three most talented seducers I've known:

  • One was reed thin

  • One had a slight amount of muscle, and a bit of a gut

  • One was very fit with moderate-to-large muscles

Each of those guys was at over 200 lays. They were all cold approachers. And I've seen each of them get with some pretty attractive girls.

So yes, it is absolutely doable.

For my reed thin friend, he did have a slight height advantage (6'1" or 6'2" maybe?), and was generally considered good-looking to very good-looking (depending on the girl), and had probably the single most hilarious, cutting, sex-and-pop-culture wit of anyone I've ever met. He would just go up to girls and have them laughing very quickly at the irreverent sexual jokes he was making, and pretty soon they'd be back at his place drinking at his little home bar.

Then they'd be in his bed.

He never dressed up (usually just in a plain red t-shirt), and had a slight stoop. But was a very charming guy.

It might be hard to hit triple digits if you don't have a few outstanding characteristics (his were decent looks, a little extra height, and a killer wit... plus the home bar he relied quite heavily on as his excuse to pull), but you can still do very well without them... and you can develop outstanding characteristics yourself (wit, muscles, confidence, charm -- all these things are 100% learnable. My friend with the highest lay count [>400] did not have any real stand out characteristics, aside from the extreme charm he developed... he was below average height and of average looks... but he was very methodical about game and completely obsessed with shagging new girls. And he turned himself into a very, very confident guy).