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For #1, try art and business. Those are two older men's games, for sure. The entertainers and the athletes are all young, yes. The producers and owners who hold their (contractual) leashes are all pretty old, however, and for the most part have never been entertainers or athletes.

The majority of women have not slept with 100 men by age 30. You're dating black girls, who are more sexual, and tend to have more partners, so I'm not sure exactly what it is. But I would guess it's probably not higher than 20-40 on average by age 30 among the American urban black female population. And as with any average, there are going to be women above it, and women below it. So even if you're only at 20, you can probably still find plenty of girls who are also at 20, or 25, or 15 even.

For your #3 situation, I'll either pull both (especially if both seemed into me), then if it didn't work out for both just keep one up while I let the other one fall asleep. Or sometimes you'll pull both and you can tell the one is super cool about it, and she'll tell you something like it's okay, she'll sleep on the couch (implying your girl can go to your room with you).

Other times you talk to your girl and let her handle the logistics: "I want to invite you back, but I don't want us to just ditch your friend. What should we do?" She may propose dropping her friend off... or she may just tell you it's fine, her friend is fine, let's you and her go.

Gotta ask, man. If you don't ask, you don't get!

Food with the girl after is okay, depends on the situation. If she's raring to go, don't do that -- just get her out of there. But if she still needs some more warming up it's often fine. Paying... well, play it by ear. If she's clearly into you and paying well help things keep rolling, pay. If it's not going anywhere, or she offers to pay herself and seems fine with it, let her pay.

She wants to eat, going to hers, no food at her place, just pick something up on the way or order something. Swing through a 7/11 and grab something cheap, even. There's all-night stores in your area, I'm sure.

5. I wanted to know what is the point of spending a lot of times in clubs if girls are harder to get results from there and they flake a lot more. are we just going out to work on convos and fast sex? it seems that the majority of time in clubs seemed like time is wasted somewhat.

If you get better results elsewhere, you don't need to.

If you don't, well... then you might need to.

I've read from a few guys that said they got 40+ lays in less than a year from online, black dudes. so there is something I'm missing and I can't think of what to do, but I'm thinking being more straight forward and showing them I have no time for them might work? idk.

Dating apps are 80% pictures.

If they're getting 40+ and you're getting 10 or fewer per year, your messaging is probably not the problem.

Figure out a strategy for your pictures, find a skilled photographer who's able to make you look good in online dating pictures, and trick out your profile pics.