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Hey Chase,

Love the article! Especially the explanations following the fundamentals and how to master them.
For the past year or so I worked a lot on posture, walk and movement speed. Yesterday, I randomly asked my girlfriend what she found attractive about me and she said: " You have this charisma and your walk... SOOO SEXY".
And she said the way I moved gave the impression I was "good in bed". And she said I have the sexiest smile ever. And my voice turns her on.

I'm so glad I'm coming across as attractive. This girlfriend of mine is one of the hottest on campus and my first white girlfriend (I'm brown, of Indian decent). She is also my 2nd 'hot' girlfriend. (The first one was hot but so fucking crazy. It was a major headache). Working on fundamentals is the best investment by far. And it's not over yet. My fashion is just slightly above average but nothing spectacular. I have a slight gut but a solid physique. My hairstyle is just above boring. I still get approach invitations but improving in those areas will skyrocket my attractiveness.

I'm not good looking but what I found on this site made me one of the hottest guys on campus, where I'm an ethnic minority and brown guys just act weird. So I broke stereotypes.


Oh and I'm so buying One Date when I save up for it. I already own HTMGC and Hector's college book.

You know, Girls Chase is not a magic pill. But for anyone who is willing to grind and work hard like a man, Girls Chase is as close as one can get to a magic pill. And THAT, my friend, is amazing. In this information crazy days where there is advice on how to do anything, yours stands out. Excellent advice + hard work leads to success, as my chess master told me.

And since the average will not bother hustling that hard, that's just good news for me ;)

Gotta go hustle now.

Love ya man!