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Had a few questions Chase,

1. What if you practice all of these fundamentals and it still doesn't work?

I've had people tell me I have a deep movie sounding set voice, that I have a slow calm walk, I have muscles, I'm always told I dress very nice, always, I'm always told that I have great hairstyles, great posture, sometimes I hold my head too high, etc.

the only thing I can really work on is getting even more muscles and losing more fat, but that won't fix the problem because I've still dealt with these problems of fundamentals not working for me when I was a lot slimmer.

so what can it be if I have all these good fundamentals and it's not helping me?

2. When you say women like men who move a lot, I thought somewhere else you said they didn't because it makes the guy look nervous and he should remain still at all times. Could you clarify for me?

3. What's an open mouth smile and how do you do it? I've tried it and didn't think it looked good.

4. What age range is most of your advice for? I ask because you said fundamentals matter the most and not even money does. But from your being older article the age you said you should have some type of money or business is by 34ish, to me that's young still, and I assume your advice is focused on pretty much every man's age, but if fundamentals are the number one way for attraction over money, then why do men need to have businesses or be retired by 34 to get younger women? and I know you said attract, but I'm assuming you're saying fundamentals are to sleep with women too. sorry to keep bringing the age thing up, but it confuses me on if there is still ways to do this as you get older and aren't established.

5. Can you go into more detail about having your voice change in a seductive way like how pro seducers do it?

6. Not from the article, but wanted to know how do you get people to respect you more in this type of way?

A. I can reach out to people and they sometimes don't reach back or take a long time to reach, and these people are close to me. it seems they don't value when I try to reach out as of I'm not important and I don't even talk to them that much.

but when they reach out to me they want to talk.

B. with women, they don't want to go on dates, they try to make me a chasing orbiter text buddy, even tho I'm sexual and I don't engage in the text buddy platonic stuff. they act like I'm not important enough to go out with and respect.

C. I have had many people try to be my friend without me even trying, but they always end up being fake and talking behind my back for some reason when I don't do anything to them. they befriend me to be fake?

D. how do I change this to make myself more important and demand respect while being taking more seriously and how to stop these fake friends and have girls go out with me and stop this nonsense?

P.S. Did you know you look similar to the boxer canelo alverez? Google him and let me know what you think!!

Thanks Chase!!