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Hey Chase,

1. what ambitious can a man have and how can he get power, if he isn't super young and is starting late? like I think of sports, rapping, entertainment, fitness, social media etc. all of those things have ageism unless you are already in there at a young age. it's like what can you really be ambitious about and what can you do to get power if you're starting late?

2. what amount of partners does a man need to have to have more than the majority of women? I hear that the majority of women have slept with 70-100 partners by 30. I know you'll debunk this, but I'll like your thoughts. and does a man need to have more partners than the majority of women to succeed? what number would that be?

3. what do you do in this situation? these 2 girls were at the club, they live was closer to the club than me, but didn't drive, I was thinking of taking my girl home, by didn't know how I could do that while leaving her friend alone. then I thought that I know she'll ask me to drive both of them home and they'll try to use me like a free uber.

didn't like the idea of that so I just got the number, but I couldn't think of a situation without that happening. should I have taken them both home and try to go to the girls crib?

4. should you ever get food with a girl after the club? and should you not pay? what's the scenario for taking a girl home and what if she wants to eat, but you're going to her house. can't really use the I got food at my house if they live close to me and I don't know if not paying will ruin the seduction or not. let me know your thought.

5. I wanted to know what is the point of spending a lot of times in clubs if girls are harder to get results from there and they flake a lot more. are we just going out to work on convos and fast sex? it seems that the majority of time in clubs seemed like time is wasted somewhat.

6. how does this sound as for fixing my sticking point? I'm thinking of being even more aloof and straight to the point. I really don't think day game can save me, and it's too limited for me to get good enough with as well.

I need to to better with clubs and online to make sure my game and sticking points are well rounded.

I've read from a few guys that said they got 40+ lays in less than a year from online, black dudes. so there is something I'm missing and I can't think of what to do, but I'm thinking being more straight forward and showing them I have no time for them might work? idk.

the online convos end out of nowhere. no matter if I move quick or not.

I try to ask what they are looking for, they tell me mostly friends, I ignore it then try to either deep dive or just set up the date. so I try to deep dive and that doesn't work, then I try to move off the app asap. they either give me the number and a date never happens, or they will respond to my opener and then take a very long time to respond after that, when they take many hours or a day to respond, I try to go straight to the ask, they give no response. it's like I can't see where I'm going wrong because they aren't giving me anything to read and work on.

it's just my opener message, which might be a compliment or not, then I ask what they are looking for or how the online dating world is going for them. they answer then they just ghost after my second message or take a whole day to reply.

so I'm moving slow and fast, nothing works. what could be the problem?