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Depends what kind of night you're going for.

If you want to build a lot of momentum, get going right out of the gates, and chat up loads of girls, start takling immediately. Talk to people in line, the moment you walk through the door, at the bar, wherever you find them.

If you want a more chill night where you take it slow and see what comes your way, then it's fine to settle in at the bar and slowly open people around you as they drift up. However, if you're still battling approach anxiety, I don't advise it. Do the first one, get going, build momentum.

Approach anxiety transitions past a certain number of approaches and certain mindset shifts. There's not much I can add beside the articles I've posted before for you numerous times (I hope you've read them all):

  1. Overcoming Approach Anxiety
  2. How to Demolish Approach Anxiety Forever
  3. Conquer Approach Anxiety with The Approach Game
  4. How to Develop Approach Addiction (and Destroy Approach Anxiety Forever)
  5. How to Deal with Approach Anxiety – A Practical Guide
  6. The Death of Approach Anxiety: A 10-Year Reflection (Video)
  7. Curb Your Approach Anxiety by Flipping the Script

I can maybe add an article on mindset transitions you go through dealing with approach anxiety, and how your reaction to the emotion changes as you move through them. That's the only other thing I can think to add to what we already have on the subject. The emotion never goes away, but you can change how you interpret it.

2. can you give me an example of what to exactly say after a direct or indirect approach in a club? places I go to are hard to really deep dive in. so what do I say after I my approach? like what do I talk about after the approach if the venue is very loud and you have to move quick? can you give a quick example for convos at clubs?

Ah, dude, every time the conversation's different.

Have you read the Field Reports Board on the forum? There are probably at least 1000 nightclub field reports on there, many of them with dialogue. Just go on there and do a search for threads with the word "club" or "nightclub" in them.

4. what are good things to talk about that lead to seduction and a lay from the club? girls were asking what I do and then the convo turns into that and it's boring and they try to get to know too much about my money. how do you get off that topic and what are good ones?

See this new forum post by Daniel. It's about exactly this.

5.I feel unwanted, I feel no women want me. I'm out and about and I don't get many signals to approach at all, and at the clubs I am not getting anything at all, this gives me negative feedback. and me gwtting older makes me worry more and more about attraction. so I don't know what to do about it, any advice?

Get a fashion and style makeover.

Hit the gym, put on a little muscle, lose your gut if you have one.

Improve your facial expressions. Improve your mannerisms. Improve your posture. Get sexier.

Read this article and do everything it tells you to do.

As you do these things, your attractiveness will improve more and more, women will go out of their ways to catch your eye more and more, and the funk you're in will lift.

6. any advice on putting your self out for business and sales, while dealing with extreme anxiety?

Get a job that forces you to do it, that has at least a little training. Then, do what your boss tells you to do.