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1. Chase, how would you describe the difference in going out 1-4 times a week?

could you give a breakdown on the difference in how fast you learn with the days you go out?

for example: if you go out 1 day a week you'll get good in a year, 2 days 8 months, 3 days 6 months, 4 days 3 months.

2. and what are we exactly improving on if we go out more days? or are we just getting more chances? are we asking girls home every night?
where is the best place to have one night stands?

3. what to do if money is an issue? I don't go out a lot because it's costs a lot, for me at least $50-$80 a night. Gas, parking, cover, a drink or two, etc. now imagine that 3-4 times a week. That's a nice place for rent and a nice car payment. So what tips do you have for going out a lot, but not having to spend so much money? or do we just make more mmey? which also means more work, which means that it'll be hard for us to work the more we go out lol.

it's pretty hard to go out a lot without spending money, even without cover I'm still spending like $40 a night.

I'd like your tips on how to make this work if possible without spending so much and being able to still go out.

4. if more men are leaving the dating game, why is it harder to sleep with women than it was before and what can we do to make it easier?

Thanks Chase