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Hey Chase,

Your article on "even nice girls want to be touched" reminded me of an incident I've been troubleshooting.

I saw her glance at me before getting on the bus, and idk why but I had a feel she is interested. So I sat down next to her on the bus and unsurprisingly, she stops texting, lowers her phone and just sits there staring blankly. Interest!

Her pupils dilated. Interest!

She tries to continue the conversation during pregnant pauses? Interest.

She complies to verbal request (little things). Need I say more.

Despite all of this, when I did the ask: you're fun to talk to, let's grab food sometime (yes it wasn't during high point, my bad), she nodded but then verbally said we see each other around in school (different apartment tho), I'm sure we will see each other again (No we won't).

It's obviously she's interested, meaning it's auto rejection. Possible causes:

1. We talked pretty long for the whole bus ride, way past the 15 min mark to save more on the date.

2. Well since we talked so long, I started to ask about her hobbies, in which she says "none". She just meets friends, eat different food, and then school, you know the "regular girl" you talked about in the article.

I guess my unexpected reaction to her "none" made her lose confidence


Here's the dilemma:

First, I can't avoid passing 15 min mark unless I get off the bus before my stop. I don't think we can just sit there and stare at each other, nor pull out my phone (break circle) after 15 min. But keep talking is also bed (less likely to get Yes to date text). With that said, it's a cold night and I have no interest feigning my stop.

Second, she's a regular girl. No aspirations, just living a regular life. I guess I could talk more about food things. But...

Third, here's the obvious one. The "not asking on high point" but I was having trouble reaching it since there's no info offered. She did try, and very hard she did to throw whatever "TV shows" and tried to validate herself. I guess I may have failed to validate her properly for trying to throw something out to talk about.

Despite being interested, rejected. I was stunned but not showing it and continued conversation. I could have pushed

"Ahhh so you're a person who likes fate. Well here's what I believe, *grab her palm* / ask

"For me, fate...goes here (finger touches her palm)." We are the owners...and we both like pho. ;)" *slides your phone* in her opened palm, "put your number in and we'll see what happens"

High chance of her doing so. Probably won't reply over text. Who knows.


How would you have pushed (or not) to deal with auto rejection, Chase? And, How would you address the three issues so we can avoid this in future?


Thanks Chase,