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Hey Chase,

1. How soon after going into a club or bar do we make our first approach? or should we just walk around?

2. can you give me an example of what to exactly say after a direct or indirect approach in a club? places I go to are hard to really deep dive in. so what do I say after I my approach? like what do I talk about after the approach if the venue is very loud and you have to move quick? can you give a quick example for convos at clubs?

3. How do I get rid of the aa and nerves? I can fight through them, but I have to keep doing it over and over for many girls. It doesn't get easier for me no matter how many times I approach, I still get cold feet and each approach is hard.

4. what are good things to talk about that lead to seduction and a lay from the club? girls were asking what I do and then the convo turns into that and it's boring and they try to get to know too much about my money. how do you get off that topic and what are good ones?

5.I feel unwanted, I feel no women want me. I'm out and about and I don't get many signals to approach at all, and at the clubs I am not getting anything at all, this gives me negative feedback. and me gwtting older makes me worry more and more about attraction. so I don't know what to do about it, any advice?

6. any advice on putting your self out for business and sales, while dealing with extreme anxiety?