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Aloha Chase, 

Had a few little questions for you to answer please ;

1. in one of your articles regarding a man that acts as potential provider you said that if he goes for it too fast with her she'll be offended “she'll feel like he doesn't value her for something serious the way she wants him to value her”, can you expand on this one? What do you mean?

2.I met with my girlfriends friend a while back at a restaurant and she record my voice secretly to damage the hell out of our relationship and played the record for her after, in the record i said “have this meeting between us private” (also i invited her home but thats ok and justifiable i think), how can I justify or get this problem solved for my girlfriend? she said why did you said it?

3.On your personal opinion: what do you think is the greatest healer when it comes to life? 

Kind Regards, Nivo