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Thanks VR, for your replies once again. What I did is similar to you but I can try weaving the date invite into the text questions/statements I am asking/making to her. A lot of times I feel that my convo is very jarring because I suddenly switched into a date invite with no prior links.

Anyway, I do have a minor suggestion to make. I am thankful for the great replies I have received so far from you, daniel, chase and other girlschase authors and I would like to type my thanks everytime but it would clog up the system plus it doesn't serve much value.

Perhaps there could be a "thumbs up" button somewhere next to the replies/comments, so that we can indicate our thanks without actually posting a comment? It could also indicate how good the reply was. Also if the thumbs up is for a particular question posted by readers, it could also indicate how important/popular the question is, from the readers' side?

Maybe the readers would have to log in and such before they can post their thumbs up, to prevent spam. Anyway, that's just my minor suggestion.