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The cure for any form of neediness is abundance.

You need to become so good at seduction, that your odds of going to bed with beautiful women is still high, even though such women are a smaller part of the population. So to get started on the road to abundance with stunning girls. . . you need to get more comfortable gaming these girls. I'd recommend branching out and expanding your day game stomping grounds, start approaching women in coffee shops, transit venues, public parks, malls, grocery stores, clothing stores or even college campuses. 

Your goal is to find venues, that bring you more opportunities to meet girls of this caliber. Because seeing these girls less than once a week won't do. You might even want to search up potential day game venues on social media, and check the tagged photos to see it's a place frequented by beauties in your area.

Think of this social media search as a way to gather some intel.