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Hi Daniel,

This is a great article, I found it to be reall illuminating and got me to thinking about what you would do for certain edge cases that are encountered. For example, Chase advocates a ball in her court text when a girl is hemming and hawing or has not responded positively to 3 ask outs. I've had a few cases where I ball in court a girl and she ends up responding back something like, 

"Hey I saw you today on the bus while I was walking hahaha" or she responded with 7 messages talking all about things that happened during her day right after the ball in court text.

This is sort of an edge case to me because if I respond, the ball in court text loses its touch, and I feel things might be back in my court now. If I don't respond, she might just think I lost all interest, when in reality I am waiting to respond to a text from her telling me she is free again. 

How would you handle something like that? And do you have any thoughts how to go about situations like these generally?