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Hey 1984,

Glad to hear you find my musings insightful. As for your question on bedding beautiful high-quality girls that's a question of effectiveness, since these girls don't make up the bulk of the female population, to get them consistently you'll need much better odds of success than the average seducer.

I've taken these girls to bed as a screener and as a controller... the difference is just consistency.  

So yes, you can get them in the volume game class. It'll just be a matter of working the numbers game and meeting lots of women. So you can find the beautiful high-quality girls who are receptive from the get-go. Most of receptive women you'll meet won't be of this caliber though, this is especially true in the early phases of your journey as a screener. Like I mentioned in the primer on the 3 schools:

Lowered odds of success with hotter women. It’s no secret that attractive women, all the way up to the most beautiful women out there, don’t represent the bulk of the female population you see out and about during the day, night, or on online dating sites. Most women in most cities range from fairly cute down to average, and all the way down to visually unappealing. And because the screener has to meet loads of women to succeed, sifting through large volumes of them is a big part of what seducers in this class view as necessary; it’s quite likely the women he will be taking to bed aren’t going to be stunners (most of the time). Since very attractive women are relatively few in number, he might find himself having to screen most of them out. Sure, he’ll come across a gorgeous woman who happens to be immediately receptive to his advances every once in a while... but being confined mainly to the larger population of women who are simply cute or average looking, only to just occasionally score with a real beauty, is one of the harsh realities the screener has to come to terms with.

To answer your question on learning game, your 2nd idea is the best one. 13-14 approaches per day, 3 times a week. This ensures you get to take advantage of some momentum every session, giving you ample opportunitiy to find more receptive girls each time around, and learn game at a much faster rate.