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Hey daniel, thanks again for your article. As usual, lots of great insight and made me realise something about my progress too.

You mentioned that mastery is made up of efficiency and effectiveness. If i just want to get more beautiful women, or higher quality women, does it fall under efficiency or effectiveness?

Would a volume camp practictioner be able to get very beautiful high quality girls, like the controller camp as well? Or he would not be able to get those super high quality girls even if he does the numbers game (maybe 100 approaches/week)?

Finally, in your opinion what is better for learning game:

1. Going on a approach spree of 40 in a day and that's it for the week

2. Doing 3 sessions of 13-14 approaches, total 40 per week

3. Clocking 40 approaches spreaded evenly throughout everyday of the week? (about 4-5 per day)

I am more inclined to do a lower daily volume but on a daily basis, but I am interested to see if a concentrated burst brings about better growth.