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Hey Alek, congrats on a really awesome series! 

Even though I'm a beginner in regards to learning seduction, I'm glad that I read the series in its entirety. I'm pretty sure as I grow and keep referring back to this series it will make more sense. 

I've got a few questions maybe you will be able to clear up for me.

1a) One thing that has always confused me is women and their curiousity! 

We are often told that women are risk-averse by nature. Keeping that in mind, how do we explain women's fascination with mystery? Wouldn't the risk-averse nature of women prevent her from being tempted by her curiousity? From the beginning of time, we have seen woman's curiousity has often gotten her in a whole lot of trouble. There was an article where Chase talked about this as well citing the example of Pandora's box. Tell a woman don't do this or don't do that and most likely the temptation will get the best of her!

Turning things towards mating, if women are risk-averse, keeping all other male attractive traits constant (domination, leadership, intelligence, etc.), wouldn't a woman want to mate with a guy that she already knew everything about and one that even society says she should mate with as opposed to the mystery guy or bad boy. I believe there is an old pickup saying mystery over rapport, or something like that, which to me contradicts the risk-averse nature of women. 

So how come woman get carried away with their curiousity if they are assumed to be risk-averse? The question is more aimed at a general understanding of women and their curiousity at a root / basic level, not necessarily from a seduction perspective which I will leave for my next question. 

1b) As I was reading the FSC series, an idea came to mind, which I don't know how good it is, but I'll try to explain my thoughts and maybe you can correct my thinking if I am wrong.

Can curiousity (or a style of game based largely on intrigue and mystery) be used as a vaccine for FSC. I can see FSC coming into to play for women from an emotional / arousal standpoint. But is it possible to be so intriguing that even if a woman controls her emotions, you become stuck in her HEAD and thus she HAS to find out who you are; creating that nagging itch that she needs to figure out who the mystery guy is, which she can only achieve if she keeps spending more time with him!

Examples: Juan Antonio from Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona. Hector with some of his college stories where some of the girls he hooked up with later telling him that they were curious to find out if he really was as great as a lover as the other girls claimed he was. And of course, most romance novels and movies are all about the mystery guy. 

There was also a inside joke at my high school among the girls that "curiousity killed their virginity"! After speaking to a few girls in confidence, most of them admitted that curiosity was a major reason, not the only reason, but definitely an important one, when they decided they were ready / wanted to have sex. They all wanted to know what all the fuss over sex was about; whether they were one of the first girls to have sex or did it because everybody else was doing it and they felt left out, even if they came from very conservative backgrounds. 

I'm thinking that the simple answer is that all the examples above did have some form of social value (and possibly other seduction tools working at the same time). That intrigue was being built on top of each seducers already acceptable social value and without that social value, intrigue might not have been an effective tool.

It might be that I have been recently studying Daniel's articles on hard bubble and liminal space that I'm reflecting more on a woman's desire for a mystery guy. In his articles, Daniel says its possible for a girl to become so intrigued by a guy she just met that she will drop whatever she is doing just to follow him along so she can figure him out.

My idea is to run a game using few / multiple curiousity generating tools (unique clothing, open loops, bubbles, sexual prizing, bryonic flaws etc.) to keep feeding her curiosity to the point where she has no choice but to follow you along (probably using fractionation or breaking rapport to get her hamster wheels working while not overgaming her).

So is it possible for a guy to create so much intrigue to bypass a girl's FSC?

2) How does FSC affect women after you've slept with them? Could FSC be used to explain why sometimes a girl gets swept by her emotions and ends up having fast sex and then completely ignores the guy or gets cold afterwards (i.e. club hookups, one night stands, same day/night lays, emotional stimulated / vulnerable one-time sex, etc.)? 

3a) Alek, I was wondering if you would be open to writing a beginners level article on buying temperature with examples, since you mentioned it a couple times in the series (and maybe a paragraph / primer on emotional spiking as well). 

I believe the only article specifically dealing with buying temperature on the site was written by Denton, which is a great article, except it was geared for the more advanced seducer according to him. Also, from my perspective, it just looked like another way to use the push pull technique, but I think there might be more to discuss about buying temperature, maybe even other techniques one can use to raise a girl's buying temperature. 

Also, another term you mentioned a lot in the series was emotional spiking. After reading the FSC series, I'm sort of confused between emotional spiking, emotional stimulation, and emotional high point, so I was hoping that you could give some examples to highlight the difference and how and when to use each one. If you feel like it will be redundant, since there are loads of great articles on the site talking about woman and emotions already, then feel free to ignore this second request, but I think a discussion from your perspective on emotional spiking may help beginners like me better understand your FSC series.

3b) Partly staying on the same theme as the previous request, Alek, would you be open to discussing the caveman style of game. I was hoping you could talk about the different caveman techniques / tools and maybe include snippets of your past lay reports, or a full one if you feel, where you used the style. You briefly talked about it before, but I don't think you ever gave it a full length discussion! 

As I was trying to read up more on buying temperature and emotional spiking, I came across the caveman style of game, but most of the stuff I found on cavemanning really wasn't that great. So, I thought, maybe you might be interested in talking about it one day, since you have some experience using that style of game. If it helps, I have been using touch for nearly 2 years now, so I'm not absolute beginner to physical game and actually do enjoy it.

I apologize if I'm asking too much, but your series inspired me to think outside of the box and look for other ways to improve my journey with women.

Thank you in advance Alek! And once again this was a really great series to read and learn from!

Flawed Romantic