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I recently had this happened to me, and since it's the very first time it happened it really put me through the ringer. We had first date sex and it all went so good that I said to myself this girl like me, I like her too, we will continue dating.

But she went to Colombia for 20 days the next day from our date and although we texted throughout the trip ( she also send me a couple of nudes), she dodged all my requests for dates (Up to now I have done 4 requests).

Yesterday I found an excuse to call her, so I can have a bonding call with her. It seemed to go pretty well. We talked for about 20 minutes, and I did all the things Chase suggests for a bonding call.

I plan to call her again next week, because I leave for a business trip tomorrow and will be back Monday and I'll ask her out.

We'll see how it goes. I was thinking, that if she refuses again to confront her in a chill way and ask her something like:

"Hey, has something happened?I mean we get along pretty well but it'd gotten too difficult to meet again, so I guess there is something up"

What do you think about that Varoon?

Cheers, John