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On those questions, as well as those of your comments below:

  1. I have no idea, man. Wasn't there and couldn't tell you!

  2. Decide on a mix that suits you. I gave an outing count for night game, if that's what you want to do. Play around with it, experiment, find a schedule that works for you and that you will stick to. I don't want to go into the speculative details more than that because... man, start going out regularly, then ask me that stuff if you're still scratching your head. After three weeks of a regular going-out schedule you'll have answered most of those questions yourself :)

  3. You know what the solution I've found for bitterness from content you consume online is (whether dating apps or stuff you read/watch)? Go out in the real world and talk to actual people. It's a lot more fun and refreshing and freeing than staring at a screen.

  4. If you are mass approaching in an obvious way, that is not normal for a guy at any age. If people know you are doing it, they will look at you funny, sure. Solution: don't do it around people you know, or be low key enough about it it doesn't look like you are mass approaching (i.e., be a social guy who talks to guys as well as girls).

  5. I don't know what age you'd like about yourself on dating apps... I try to stay off them as much as possible. You'd need to ask a guy who puts a lot of time into them and has it down well.

  6. On both clubs and apps not working -- there are one million different things it could be. Maybe start with SAC and go from there: similarity, arousal, compliance. Do these girls feel similar to you? Are they aroused? Are they complying? Work your way through SAC, figure out how they're responding and where the problems are, and start to work it out.